St. Louis Roofing insurance claims & services


Gateway Roofing Solutions helps homeowners and businesses get the roofing insurance claim they deserve

Filing for an insurance claim can be extremely stressful. If your residential, commercial or industrial building has been damaged and is in need of repair, Gateway Roofing Solutions is here to help.

It is extremely important to trust both your roofers and your insurance agency. Fixing or repairing your roof is probably not something you do very often, so the process may seem a bit overwhelming.

We work with your insurance agent from beginning to end. We want your roofing insurance claim, and its installation or repair, to go as smoothly as possible.

Some of our common causes for roofing insurance claimss in St. Louis and the surrounding areas include:

Roof damage due to hail

An individual piece of hail usually only causes a small amount of damage, but a lot of small damage can create a huge problem for your home or building's roof.

roof damage due to storms or lightning

Storm and lightning damage can often times be noticeable, although sometimes the damage can be hidden underneath shingles or tiles. If a bad storm has hit your location recently, it is important to have professional roofers evaluate it as soon as possible.

Roof damage due to old or worn-down tiles

No roof lasts forever, and if your roof looks run down, or does not pass inspection, getting it fixed quickly can save you a lot of hassle later.

Roof damage due to a poorly installed or repaired roof

Make sure the roofers your hire to install or repair residential or commercial building are roofers you can trust.

Roof damage due to falling trees or branches

Trees and branches on your roof are easy to spot. The damage they cause often times isn't. If wind or storm has caused tree debris to fall on your roof, contact Gateway Roofing Solutions to inspect for damage.

If your roof has been damaged, or you think it may have been damaged, it is important to have it evaluated as soon as possible to get the most out of your roofing insurance claims. Gateway Roofing Solutions offers FREE and trustworthy roof evaluations for residential and commercial building owners in St. Louis, Missouri and the surrounding areas.


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