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Gateway Roofing Solutions offers honest and affordable tile roof repairs and installation to homes and businesses in St. Louis and the surrounding areas.

Gateway Roofing Solutions should be who you turn to for all of your flat roofing wants and needs. A flat roof from Gateway Roofing Solutions comes with the promise that you are receiving the best possible service guaranteed. We are confident in our abilities to install or repair your flat roof. We customize our solutions to accommodate to our customers’ unique needs. We ensure a high level of customer satisfaction for any project that we have the privilege of working on.

Our St. Louis flat roofing services is part of our residential roofing, industrial roofing, and commerical roofing services. Our low cost, but high quality, flat roofing services is the perfect choice for home or commercial building owners in St. Louis, Missouri that need a new or repaired flat roof.

Why Choose flat roofing?

Flat roofs are a great alternative to other styles of roofing. They offer many benefits that set them apart from other roofs. They are great if you wish to do roof gardening, want to provide additional insulation, prevent against fires, and are in the market for a relatively inexpensive and reliable roof. Two of the major benefits of flat roofs are their sturdiness and ease of maintenance.

Flat roofs are sturdy and long-lasting

Flat roofs are sturdy and long lasting. When installed properly (by a company like Gateway Roofing Solutions) you can go decades without needing roof repair or replacement. Numerous styles of homes use flat roofs. The flat, symmetric surface of the flat roof means less resistance to the wind compared to other roofs such as angled roofs.

Often times, roof damage is due to adverse weather conditions. This weather inflicts damage to the shingles and tiles that are installed on an angled roof home or business. By resisting these damages due to the inherent surface and shape, flat roofs have the potential to last for many years beyond other styles.

Flat roofs are easy to maintain

Once installed, flat roofs are the easiest type of roof to inspect. This is because their flat surface make them extremely simple to climb up on to. As a result, this roof style is easy to maintain. Routine maintenance will lengthen the lifespan of your flat roof making it much more cost effective than other roofing options. Because there is no need of shingles and other decorative materials on the flat surface, installation costs and maintenance costs are significantly cut.

Why choose gateway roofing solutions for your residential or commercial flat roofing?

If a flat roof is not properly cared for or simply installed incorrectly there can be a need for replacement or fix much sooner than should be. That’s where Gateway Roofing Solution comes to save the day. Our team will make sure that your flat roof is sealed and re-coated to maintain its stability and prevent leaks. We have satisfied the needs of over countless customers in the Saint Louis area, leaving no customer unsatisfied.

Our experienced and talented certified St. Louis roofing technicians have repaired, replaced, and installed many businesses and homes with flat roofing. Our staff of experienced technicians are ready to give you a great roof at an affordable and fair price. Let us show you all of the reasons why St. Louis residents and business owners of all walks of life come to Gateway Roofing Solutions for their flat roof repair and installation

If you are in St. Louis, Missouri and are in the market for a tile roof evaluation, repair, or installation contact Gateway Roofing Solutions for a FREE evaluation and quote.


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